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Hydroponic Grow Hydroponic How-To for the DIY-er
  • DIY DWC Hydroponic System Plans

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    Jul 22

    A DWC hydroponic system is really one of the simplest systems to build. On this page I will walk you through the steps so you can build your own for very little money.

    The things you will need are:

    • A plastic storage tote. The size is determined by how many plants you plan on growing. Also it should be opaque to block the light and discourage algae growth.
    • An aquarium style air pump.
    • Some aquarium air hose.
    • An air stone. Its what makes all the little bubbles.
    • Some net pots or you can make your own out of some plastic cups by cutting or melting holes in them.

    The first thing you need to do is take the lid and layout where all the pots will need to go with a marker. Once you have figured out your layout you can use a razor knife to cut the holes to the desired size determined by the size of your pots. Now that you have you holes cut place the lid back on the tote and drill a few small around 1/8″ holes through the outer lip  of the lid and tote. This will allow you to secure the lid down and keep the sides from bulging out as it is filled with water.

    Next take your air stone and place it somewhere in the center of the tote and secure with a hot glue gun or something that won’t release chemicals that may harm your plants. Now you need to run your air line. Most storage totes have a hole in the bottom of the handles, these holes can be used to route your hose into the tote. If not you will have to drill a 1/4″ hole in the tote, just make sure this hole is above where the water level will be. Now you can connect the hose to the air stone.   Remember to use a check valve in your airline if your pump will be lower than the water level. If you don’t and the power happens to go out the water can syphon back and drain your whole reservoir into your air pump.

    Your DWC system is almost complete. The only this left is to place the lid on, put the pots in there holes and fill it with water. Make sure the water level covers  the bottoms of the pots by about an inch. Add your nutrients, fill the pots with a grow medium of your choice and add your plants.

    When you are done you should have something similar to this.DWC Hydroponic System

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